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The purpose of Flying Scot® Sailing is to locate, assimilate, consolidate and create information about the one-design Flying Scot® sailboat. Our goal is to provide "one-stop" information and links to the Flying Scot® and other sailing points of interest.

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Flying Scot® Specifications

Length, overall 19' / 5.8m, Mast height, above water 28' / 8.6m,
Legnth, waterline 18'6" / 5.6m, Sail Area, main and jib 191 sq. ft./ 17.65 sq. m,
Beam 6'9" / 2.0m, Sail Area, Spinnaker 200sq. ft./ 18.6 sq m,
Draft, board up 8" / .2m, Weight, all up 850 lbs / 385 kg,
Draft, board down 48" / 1.2 m, Gross trailering weight 1200 lbs / 545 kg,

Gordon "Sandy" Douglass had already designed the Thistle and Highlander in 1957. In that year the above specifications are the recipe he used to design a family daysailer that will accommodate a family of eight. Great for beginners as it's reponsive, forgiving, stable and easy to handle. It can be trailered, rigged, launched, sailed and retrieved by one person. The Scot's performance offers excitement to even the most experienced sailor and provides for close, competitive racing around the buoys. The Flying Scot® is a One-Design boat, which means all boats are built to the same specifications and have equal chances in winning a race, no matter what year the boat was built.

This is the proud owner of a 1963 Thistle and a First Place Trophy.

And Flying Scot® boat number 1 is still sailing and racing along with amost all of the other Scots constructed since then. For several years, we have been sailing a 1965 Scot (hull number 635.) We recently purchased a 2006 (hull number 5722) and found nothing has changed in 41 years - except the smell of a new boat and some snazzy gadgets in our radical race package.

The FLYING SCOT® SAILING ASSOCIATION (FSSA) is one of the strongest one-design class associations in the world. FSSA's strict adherence to the one design concept means that the Flying Scot® built this year will remain compatible and competitive with newer, as as well as older boats, for years to come. Owners of Flying Scots® are assured that their boats will last for years, and the resale value will remain excellent. Join the , Flying Scot® Sailing Association, or renew your membership online.

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